2022年寄递事业部邮航公司1架B737-800飞机采购项目招标公告 Bidding Announcement of B737-800 Aircraft Purchase Project of the Postal Airlines Company of the Postal Delivery Division in 2022



  1. 招标条件Bidding readiness

  本招标项目2022年寄递事业部邮航公司1架B737-800飞机采购项目经中国邮政集团有限公司批准, 招标人为中国邮政集团有限公司, 招标项目资金来源为企业自筹, 出资比例为100%。该项目已具备招标条件, 现进行公开招标。本项目采用电子化招投标, 对采购平台上传的电子版投标文件进行审查。

  B737-800 Aircraft Purchase Project of the Postal Airlines Company of the Postal Delivery Division in 2022 has been approved by China Post Group Corporation. The tenderee is China Post Group Corporation. The source of funds for the bidding project is self-raised by the enterprise, and the proportion of investment is 100%. The Project has met the bidding conditions and is now open for bidding. The Project adopts electronic tendering and bidding to review the electronic bid documents uploaded by the purchase platform.

  2. 项目概况与招标范围Project profile and bidding scope

  2.1招标编号: 0747-2260SCCZA551;

  2.1 Bidding number: 0747-2260SCCZA551;

  2.2项目概况: 本次采购1架二手B737-800客机, 机龄不超过17年, 且新飞机在2011年前出厂的(包含2011)。CSN不高于34000循环, TSN不高于68000小时, 历史运营人不超过2家。具体详见第五章技术规范要求。

  2.2 Project overview: A second-hand B737-800 passenger aircraft is purchased this time, the age of which is not more than 17 years, and the new aircraft is delivered before 2011 (including 2011). CSN is not higher than 34000 cycles, TSN is not higher than 68000 hours, and there are not more than two historical operators. See Section 5 Technical Specifications for details.


  2.3The content, quantity, time and place of delivery of this bidding procurement are shown in the following table:


  Serial number


  Purchase content


  Quantity (unit)


  Time of delivery


  Place of delivery



  Used B737-800 passenger aircraft



  Before November 23, 2022


  Jinan Airport

  2.4质量标准: 符合招标文件要求, 飞机交付时应满足CAAC适航标准要求;

  Quality standards: Meet the requirements of the bidding documents, and the aircraft shall meet the requirements of CAAC airworthiness standards when delivered;

  2.5资格审查方式: 资格后审。

  Qualification examination method: Post-qualification examination.

  3. 投标人资格要求Qualification requirements for the bidder

  3.1投标人必须为来自中华人民共和国或与中华人民共和国有正常贸易往来的国家或地区的法人或其他组织(中华人民共和国关境内的投标人须具有有效的营业执照, 关境外的投标人须具有有效的企业注册所在地的公司注册证明文件)。

  3.1 The bidder must be a legal person or other organization from the People's Republic of China or a country or region that has normal trade relations with the People's Republic of China (the bidder within the territory of the People's Republic of China must have a valid business license, and the bidder outside the territory of the People's Republic of China must have a valid company registration certificate in the place where the enterprise is registered.)

  3.2投标人须为飞机产权所有人或其指定的针对本项目的唯一代理商。投标人须提供本次拟出售飞机的有效产权证明文件(可以追溯到飞机制造商), 如为代理商投标, 投标人须同时提交飞机产权所有人出具的针对本项目的唯一授权书。飞机产权所有人不得与其授权代理商同时参与本项目的投标。

  3.2 The bidder must be the aircraft property right owner or its designated sole agent for the Project. The bidder must provide the valid property right certificate of the aircraft to be sold (traceable to the aircraft manufacturer). If the bidder acts as an agent, the bidder must also submit the sole authorization letter issued by the aircraft property right owner for the Project. The aircraft property right owner shall not participate in the bid of the Project at the same time as his authorized agent.

  3.3投标人必须遵守国家相关法律、行政法规的规定, 具有良好的信誉和诚实的商业道德。在“信用中国”(www.creditchina.gov.cn)列入失信被执行人名单的供应商(仅适用于中华人民共和国关境内的投标人); 被中国邮政集团有限公司列入黑名单且在有效期内的供应商, 均无资格参加本项目的采购活动。

  3.3 The bidder must abide by relevant national laws and administrative regulations, and have good reputation and honest business ethics. The suppliers (only applicable to bidders within the territory of the People's Republic of China) listed in the list of discredited persons to be executed on the "Credit China" (www.creditchina.gov.cn) and the suppliers blacklisted by China Post Group Corporation and within the validity period are not eligible to participate in the procurement activities of the Project.

  3.4 企业法定代表人为同一人或者存在控股、管理关系的不同投标人, 不得同时参加本项目同一包的投标。

  3.4 If the legal representative of the company is the same person or different bidders with holding or management relationship, they shall not participate in the bid of the same package of the project at the same time.

  3.5与邮政无投资关系且存在以下情况的, 不得参加采购活动: 邮政领导人员及其亲属和其他特定关系人、邮政员工持股(限非上市公司), 以个人身份(组织委派的除外)担任法人、董事长、总经理、监事的企业, 以及邮政所属工会或员工集体出资成立的企业。

  3.5 If the bidder has no investment relationship with China Post and the following circumstances exist, we shall not participate in the purchase activities: leaders and their relatives and other special related persons, postal employees holding shares (limited to non-listed companies), and enterprises acting as legal persons, chairmen, general managers and supervisors in their personal capacity (except those appointed by the organization) as well as postal trade unions or employees collectively funded enterprises.

  3.6本项目最高投标限价为1.31856亿人民币(飞机裸机价格), 如投标人采用美元报价, 将按开标当日中国银行总行首次发布的美元对人民币的现汇卖出价折算成人民币报价后参与价格评审。

  3.6The maximum bid price of the Project is RMB 131.856 million (bare aircraft price). If the bidder quotes in USD, the bid price will be converted into RMB according to the spot exchange selling price of USD to RMB issued by the head office of  Bank of China for the first time on the day of bid opening before the price evaluation.

  3.7投标人在递交投标文件前须参加并通过招标人寄递事业部飞机预检, 否则无资格参加本项目评审, 详见附件B737-800飞机预检方案。

  3.7 Before submitting the bid documents, the bidder must participate in and pass the aircraft pre-inspection of  the Tenderee’s Postal Delivery Division, otherwise it is not qualified to participate in the evaluation of the Project. See Annex B737-800 Aircraft Pre-inspection Plan for details.

  3.8 投标人必须按照本项目招标公告的要求获取招标文件, 否则无资格参加本项目。

  3.8 The bidder must obtain the bidding documents in accordance with the requirements of the bidding announcement of the Project, otherwise it is not eligible to participate in the Project.

  3.9本项目不接受联合体投标, 不得转包、分包。

  3.9 Consortium bid is not accepted for the Project, and the subcontracting is not allowed.


  3.10 The requirements of clauses indicated with "*" or "★" in the technical specification and all clauses in the list of bidding rejection items in the annex shall be met.

  4. 招标文件的获取Acquisition of bidding document

  4.1 招标文件获取时间: 自2022年6月29日至2022年7月6日, 每日09:00至11:30, 13:00至17:00(北京时间24小时制, 下同)(节假日除外)。

  4.1 Time for obtaining the bidding documents: from 09:00 to 11:30 and from 13:00 to 17:00 every day  (24-hour Beijing time, the same as below), June 29th, 2022 to July 6th, 2022 (excluding holidays).

  4.2 招标文件获取方式: 投标人需要在中国邮政电子采购与供应平台(网址: https://cg.11185.cn)报名并下载文件, 否则作未报名成功处理。

  4.2Acquisition method of bidding documents: The bidder needs to register and download the documents on the China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform (website: https://cg.11185.cn), otherwise it will be deemed as unsuccessful registration.

  4.3 中国邮政电子采购与供应平台操作方式: (网址: https://cg.11185.cn)

  4.3 Operation mode of China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform: (website: https://cg.11185.cn)

  ①CA办理: 登录“中国邮政电子采购与供应平台”-查看“CA办理流程”, 具体资料清单及办理流程见须知; CA证书办理、“中国邮政电子采购与供应平台”操作相关事宜请下载“平台首页—用户中心—下载中心—中国邮政电子采购与供应平台操作手册-电子采购分册-投标人”, 或可联系客服电话400 7888 550 (周一~周五9:00-17:00)。

  ① CA handling: Log in to the "China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform" to view the "CA Handling Procedure", and see the instructions for the specific information list and handling procedure; please download "Platform Home Page-User Center-Download Center-China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform Operation Manual-E-Purchase Volume-Bidders", or contact the customer service telephone number 400 7888 550 (Monday to Friday 9: 00-17: 00) for matters related to CA certificate handling and the operation of "China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform".

  ②报名: 登录“中国邮政电子采购与供应平台”-首页点击下载中心-安装“中国邮政投标管家”-登录后查找拟投标项目-我要报名(须按要求填写)-审核通过后-缴纳标书费(此项目标书款免费)-确认报名成功-投标人通过“中国邮政投标管家”下载招标文件。建议使用window7及以上系统, 支持IE9、360、chrome、火狐等主流浏览器, XP系统不支持中国邮政电子采购与供应平台部分功能;

  ② Registration: Log in to "China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform"- click on the download center on the home page-install "China Post Bidding Manager"-search for the project to be bidden after logging in-register (must fill in as required)-after approval-pay the bid fee (free of charge for the Project)-confirm the successful registration-the bidder downloads the bidding documents through "China Post Bidding Manager". It is recommended to use Windows 7 and above systems, support IE9, 360, chrome, Firefox and other mainstream browsers, XP system does not support some functions of China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform;

  ③电子投标文件编制须应用中国邮政电子采购与供应平台投标文件制作软件“中国邮政投标管家”, 具体操作说明可下载“操作手册-投标人”查看, 制作软件及手册下载地址: https://cg.11185.cn/dzzb/PortalController.do?toolsDownload, 因未及时办理注册审核手续影响报名及投标的, 责任自负;

  ③The bid documents preparation software "China Post Bidding Manager" of China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform shall be used for the preparation of electronic bid documents, and the specific operation instructions can be downloaded from "Operation Manual-Bidders". Download address of software and manual is https://cg.11185.cn/dzzb/PortalController.do?toolsDownload. If the registration and bid submission are affected by the failure to go through the registration and examination formalities in time, the responsibility shall be borne by the bidder itself;

  ④如已注册过, 则直接网上报名并下载即可。

  ④If the bidder has registered, it can directly register online and download it.

  5. 投标文件的递交Submission of bid documents

  5.1 递交平台、递交时间、签到。投标文件递交的截止时间为2022年7月20日09:30(北京时间), 投标人应在截止时间前通过“中国邮政电子采购与供应平台”(网址: https://cg.11185.cn)递交加密的电子版投标文件, 并在2022年7月20日08:30-09:30线上完成投标文件“签到”流程。

  5.1 Submission platform, submission time and sign-in: The deadline for submission of bid documents is 09:30 on July 20th, 2022.(Beijing Time) The bidder shall submit encrypted electronic bid documents through the "China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform" (website: https://cg.11185.cn) before the deadline. The "sign-in" process of bid documents shall be completed online from 08:30 to 09:30 on July 20th, 2022.

  5.2 递交地点、解密地点。纸质版投标文件(仅作归档使用)递交地点及方式:

  5.2 Place of submission and decryption. Place and method of submission of paper bid documents (for filing only):

  投标人须将投标文件密封后采用邮寄或现场递送至:北京市西城区复兴门外大街A2号西城金茂中心20层(邮编100045), 刘东阳收, +86 18911227230。

  The bidder shall seal the bid documents and deliver them by mail or on site to: 20/F, Xicheng Jinmao Center, No. A2 Fuxingmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing (Postal Code: 100045), Liu Dongyang, +86 18911227230.

  电子版投标文件解密地点: 投标人授权代表须使用制作电子版投标文件的电脑, 保证网络畅通、运行环境良好、介质完好等, 通过“中国邮政电子采购与供应平台”(网址: https://cg.11185.cn)线上解密电子版投标文件。不符合规定的电子版投标文件将被拒绝。

  Decryption place of electronic bid documents: The authorized representative of the bidder shall use the computer used to prepare the electronic bid documents to ensure smooth network, good operating environment and intact media, and decrypt the electronic bid documents online through the "China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform" (website: https://cg.11185.cn). The electronic bid documents that fail to meet the requirements will be rejected.

  5.4 电子版投标文件与纸质版投标文件内容须相同。投标人须严格按照招标文件要求对投标文件进行盖章、签字, 并将签字、盖章完成后的纸质版文件扫描成电子版后进行电子签章上传电子采购平台(电子签章后, 文档不应再修改, 否则签章无效; 如需修改, 请修改后重新签章)。

  5.4 The contents of the electronic bid documents shall be the same as those of the paper version. The bidder must stamp and sign the bid documents in strict accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents, scan the paper version of the signed and stamped documents into an electronic version, and then upload the electronic signature to the electronic purchase platform (after the electronic signature, the document should not be modified, otherwise the signature is invalid; if it needs to be modified, please sign and seal again after modification).

  6. 开标时间及地点Time and place of bid opening

  招标代理机构将采用远程音视频会议形式组织开标仪式, 不再邀请投标人代表现场参会, 开标现场投标人须将解密密码发送给主持人进行解密。

  The tendering agent will organize the bid opening ceremony in the form of remote audio and video conference, and will not invite the bidder's representative to attend the meeting on site. The bidder at the bid opening site must send the decryption password to the host for decryption.

  具体参会方式详见另行通知。The specific way of participation is detailed in a separate notice.

  7. 发布公告的媒介Media for release of the Bidding Announcement

  中国邮政集团公司官网: http://www.chinapost.com.cn;

  Official website of China Post Group: http://www.chinapost.com.cn;

  中国航空运输协会官网: https://www.cata.org.cn/;

  Official website of China Air Transport Association: https://www.cata.org.cn/;

  中国邮政电子采购与供应平台: https://cg.11185.cn;

  China Post E-Purchase and Supply Platform: https://cg.11185.cn;

  中国采购与招标网: https://www.chinabidding.cn/;

  China Purchase and Bidding Website: https://www.chinabidding.cn/;

  中化商务电子招投标平台: e.sinochemtic.com。

  Sinochem Commerce Electronic Tendering and Bidding Platform: e.sinochemtic.com.

  我司未授权任何公司及个人转载相关信息。在此郑重提醒各投标人注意: 与该项目相关招标事宜均须与我司指定人员联系, 我司对任何转载信息及由此产生的后果均不承担任何责任。

  Our company has not authorized any company or individual to reproduce the relevant information. All bidders are hereby reminded to contact the personnel designated by our company for all bidding matters related to the project, and our company will not assume any responsibility for any reproduced information and the consequences arising therefrom.

  8. 联系方式Contact method

  招标人: 中国邮政集团有限公司

  The Tenderee: China Post Group Corporation

  招标代理机构: 中化商务有限公司

  Tendering agent: Sinochem Commerce Co., Ltd.

  地址: 北京市西城区复兴门外大街A2号西城金茂中心20层

  Address: 20F, Xicheng Jinmao Center, No. A2 Fuxingmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing

  联系人: 付泽淞、王宏伟、刘东阳、巩俊萍、黄凡

  Contact person: Fu Zesong, Wang Hongwei , Liu Dongyang,Gongjunping,Huangfan

  电话: +86 010-5936 8934/9527

  Tel: +86 010-5936 8934/9527

  邮箱: fuzesong@sinochem.com/wanghongwei02@sinochem.com

  Email: fuzesong@sinochem.com/wanghongwei02@sinochem.com